Frequently asked questions

 I have been referred to the breast clinic and I am worried about what happens. Is there any one I can speak to?

You can contact the Breast Care Nurse on (01983) 534562. They work between 08.30 and 16.30 Monday to Friday.

When can I have breast screening?

Ladies are currently being offered Breast Screening from the ages of 50 to 70. However there is a national trial which is looking at extending the age from 47 to 50 and 70 to 73 years of age. When ladies reach the age of 70 years they will not be routinely called for breast screening. Ladies who wish to continue having a mammogram every 3 years need to self refer by phoning the breast screening unit and make an appointment.  For more information –

I am going to have a Wide Local Excision after being diagnosed with breast cancer; will I still have a nipple after surgery?

Usually you will still have a nipple after surgery but this is dependent on where the tumour is in the breast. If you are unsure please discuss this with your Surgeon or the Breast Care Nurse.

I’m anxious about Chemotherapy will I be able to see where it takes place before treatment starts?

Yes, the Breast Care Nurses can arrange this for you. Or contact the Chemotherapy Unit (01983) 534916. It is open from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday. 

Where is the best place to buy mastectomy bras?

There are a number of shops on the island that stock mastectomy bras. Many more are available on the Internet. The breast care nurse can give you more information.  Visiting the Applegate Breast Cancer Support Group is where ladies share this information. See Swimming and Swimwear

Can I self refer to the Osteoporosis Nurse?

Patients/public cannot self refer. You will need to be referred by one of the following; GP, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or your cancer nurse specialist. The Osteoporosis Nurse Specialist is Caroline Sunderland, for general advice, she can be contacted on (01983) 552023.

”I am also happy for you to give my contact details to anyone who would like further information regarding bone health.”Caroline quoted.

How long does Chemotherapy take?

It is dependent on which chemotherapy you are having. The Chemotherapy nurses will discuss this with you prior to commencing the treatment

What are the side effects of anti sickness tablets and steroids? I am going to start chemotherapy and believe I may be given these.

This sometimes depends on whether you are taking any other medication but this will be discussed before you start the treatment. If you are unsure please discuss the side effects with your chemotherapy or breast care nurse.

Following surgery and treatment for breast cancer is there any person or group I can go to for emotional support?

Patients find it helpful going to the Support Group. Talking amongst themselves helps them and others through treatment as well as dealing with personal and intimate aspects of breast cancer. This can prevent long term physical and psychological problems. This reassurance from others prevents a sense of isolation.  See Programme and about us

You will have open access to the Breast Care nurses and they can refer you for counselling if it is required. Counselling is also available for the family. Massage and reflexology is also offered free of charge via the breast care nurses

 If I develop lymphoedema of the arm sometime in the future, where can I go for treatment and support?

If you are concerned you may have developed lymphoedema please contact the breast care nurses


Please note that any medical questions are passed onto the Breast Care Nurses

 Non medical questions are answered by members of the support group

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